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My Name is Nicki. Born, raised, and still living in Tennessee. Married since 1994 to a pretty swell fella named Joe. Mom to my two favorite people in the world, Cecily and Colton. Mom-in-law to an impressive young man who won my daughter Cecily’s heart, Parker. I enjoy talking to anyone, laughing out loud, hearing a good joke, singing loud for all to hear, pranking my husband and kids, and quoting The Office

I love cooking, baking, and organizing myself on paper. I like learning new ways to make cooking, cleaning, and organizing easier.  I fight with being a clutter bug, staying up too late, and remembering to take time for me. 

My latest adventure is blogging. From my years of homemaking I’ve learned some hacks to make my life easier. Here you’ll find things about cooking, cleaning, organizing, and family adventures.  So, take a look around, check out some of my favorite recipes, and learn some hacks to make your life easier.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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