So I’ve taken an absence from my homemaking blog for several months. My life got pretty hectic, so this blog had to be dropped for a bit. Even now my schedule is pretty full as I start a new endeavor in my life. I am currently working on my coaching certification with the hopes of starting a life coaching business. Since I will be investing my time toward this new career, I won’t be managing this blog anymore. But there is some good news, my daughter, Cecily will be taking over the managing of the Homemaking Hacker blog and social media pages. Cecily’s excited to get to share her skills of cooking, art, crafts, and gardening.

A little about Cecily

She graduated in 2015 from Daniel 1 Academy after being homeschooled for 13 years. She attended Tennessee Technological University earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2019. She is married to Parker and they make their home in Sparta, Tn with a Tiny Toy Poodle named Beast, a Britney Spaniel named Kala, and a porch loving cat named Joel. Parker works full time as a Chemical engineer and serves as the College Minister at Willow Avenue church of Christ in Cookeville, TN. Cecily and Parker share a love for music, paddle boarding, hiking, and traveling.

Cecily loves trying new recipes, singing, decorating, gardening, and art. Recently she’s discovered a green thumb with house plants (she did not get this from her mother) and growing herbs to cook with. Cecily works as a freelance graphic designer at her company Smiling Moon Design Co. specializing in simplifying branding and design for small businesses.

I know that you will be blessed with Cecily and her addition to the Homemaking Hacker and you will see me from time to time.

So until next time

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Posted by:Nicki Nichols

Nicki is a Professional Christian Coach. She enjoys a good glass of iced tea, laughing out loud, and talking to anyone. She spends her days writing blogs for My Nichols Worth and helping her clients through her coaching business, Nicki S Nichols Life Coach.

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