My husband and I have been married since 1994 and in those years my family has accumulated many things. Since my husband and I both struggle with getting rid of things, 25 years of accumulations became an overwhelming problem within our house. With the accumulation of many sentimental and obligatory collections, the lack of organizational skills of my husband, and my lack of consistency with organizing, my home became a stress filled storage unit of chaos. But alas, the problem is being solved with the help of a new life-changing friend and a long lost resourceful, comforting friend.

My newest resource for getting my house in order is Marie Kondo’s book ‘the life-changing Magic of tidying up’. This book has been key to helping me overcome my stockpiling tendency. The great discovery I made was a very simple, but life-changing question – ‘Does it spark joy?’ This question helped me release many things I had been holding onto out of the mindset “does it still have use”, and helped my husband understand that if something sparks joy then it’s worth finding a space for it.

If you are trying to get your home organized then try asking yourself the simple question “Does it spark joy?” It can transform the way you approach cleaning a space. When you are cleaning and come across an item that you debate about whether to keep or eliminate ask yourself “does it spark joy”. If you say ‘yes’ then keep it and find a space for it. If you say ‘no’, then get rid of it.

FlyLady cartoon

Another great tip I have for you is the Fly Lady website. Fly Lady is that long lost resourceful friend that helped me during the early years of marriage and kids. Before illness set it, this wonderful website gave me skills to manage my home and deal with the physical mess that kids bring into your life. The websites offers many helps for getting and staying organized, cleaning, and building good habits for homemaking. It helped me to learn better habits for cleaning and taught me the concept Baby Steps which is the main concept of Fly Lady’s program. Through Fly Lady’s – Baby Steps, I learned to be patient with myself and to build better habits.

Both of these resources have helped me tackle those pesky jobs of cleaning and organizing. For more ideas and tips for getting your space organized, I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s book and the Fly Lady website. Both are great resources for improving your space and building better habits to help make your house the home you want.

Do you have any resources that you’ve used to help tackle organizing your home? Or do you have any organizational supplies that you can’t do without?

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Posted by:Nicki Nichols

Nicki is a Professional Christian Coach. She enjoys a good glass of iced tea, laughing out loud, and talking to anyone. She spends her days writing blogs for My Nichols Worth and helping her clients through her coaching business, Nicki S Nichols Life Coach.

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