Laundry that neverending job that makes you appreciate the modern conveniences of washing machines and dryers. Even with the ease that those appliances make laundry, somehow it still remains to be a chore I dread.

When my kids were little and I had mounds and mounds of laundry, I used a hack to motivate myself to deal with the job of folding. It’s actually very simple, I fold 5 items every time I pass the laundry basket. Those days when I’m really struggling with the laundry monster, the 5 item fold helps me tackle the job. Most of the time, if I get started I end up completing the job, but sometimes all I can do is motivate myself to do the 5 items. And that’s absolutely okay because I’m doing the 5 items every time I pass the laundry basket. so within a few trips, I’ve completed the job.

So if clean clothes loom in your laundry basket and you find most of the time you have an empty closet and full laundry baskets, then try the ‘Fold 5 Hack’ and get those baskets emptied (until you fill them with the next round of fresh laundered clothes, that is).

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Posted by:Nicki Nichols

Nicki is a Professional Christian Coach. She enjoys a good glass of iced tea, laughing out loud, and talking to anyone. She spends her days writing blogs for My Nichols Worth and helping her clients through her coaching business, Nicki S Nichols Life Coach.

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